Things to Think About When Choosing a Self-Storage Unit

Every so often you need extra storage space, but finding the right space can get challenging. There are many options out there, and it’s hard to find the right place, but the following should help narrow down your search.

The Location

One thing you want to pay attention to is the location of the storage facility. Depending on what you are storing, you might want to get some stuff or put some stuff into your space.
If your unit is far away from you, then this task is going to feel like a chore. Now, just because you don’t want to drive much to get to your storage, doesn’t mean you can only get places near your home. You could choose a storage facility that’s near a place you frequent, like a store. Choose a place that is not completely out of your way.

Having Easy Access

The next thing you want to worry about is access. You should learn about the normal hours of operation. You want to know when you have access to your space. Think about your lifestyle, and make sure you have access to your unit when you are normally free.
You’d be surprised how many storage spaces are only opened for a few hours during the day. Just to be safe, consider choosing a storage space that offers 24-hour access. It might also be a good idea to find out about access to your unit. Think about where you can park and how far you’ll be from your unit.

Talk About the Money

The price of the storage unit is important. You need to talk about this in detail with the storage manager. Even if they quoted you a price already, you should ask additional questions. Find out if the storage facility forces you to buy insurance because that’ll be more money.
You should also find out if you can bring your own lock or if you have to buy a special lock they sell at the storage unit. You should also find out if there are additional taxes that haven’t been quoted. A lot of folks think they are going to be paying one thing only to find out it’s a little more after receiving their first invoice. Ask if you can leave your storage unit at any time or if you are charged a fee for canceling your contract.

Taking in All the Amenities

Each storage space offers similar things, but some perks are unique to each storage facility. You want to find out what kind of perks or additions you’ll be getting if you choose a specific space. For example, some storage facilities offer climate-controlled units that help protect items from insects and mold.
Many things you store could be susceptible to weather-related damage like electronics, clothes, and paperwork, just to name a few things. Safety is another thing you have to pay attention to. Some storage units offer more security than others like 24-hour camera surveillance. Some facilities have personnel stay on site to keep an eye on things. Find out if the storage facility offers any other perks you might be interested in.

Think of Your Items

You must think about what you are going to be storing. This could make a difference because every storage facility is not the same. Some storage facilities don’t have units big enough to store your items.
Other storage facilities have spaces meant to store digital records or paperwork if that’s all you are storing. Some storage facilities have units where you can store a boat or some other type of recreational vehicle. A lot of people don’t ask these questions early on, which ends up wasting their time. You don’t want to be this person since all you have to do is ask.
These are some things you should keep in mind when looking for a storage unit, but other things could help narrow down your choices. For example, you can read a few reviews online to see what customers like you are saying about the facility.


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